Cutting New Tires


Just wondering how many of u r cutting the new Maxxis 9's. Does it make that much of a difference? Does anyone in Georgia cut tires , if not where would be a respectable place to send mine?
Their out of business last I was told????????..was bought out by 2 different people...seen brent at last duquoin who knows...
I would go with SBR, brent does top notch work and used by many racers that run up front week in and week out consistently
There are quite a few people your way that I'm sure will cut 900s and save on the shipping a little. Someone local would be the best thing. They know the tracks and can tell you either need to cut or dont. Most of your saturday night stuff doesnt need to be cut. Most I would cut are daytime tires or possibly a night time race with big kart counts and good racetrack.
We cut (or at least true) all of our Pinks. The profile would depend on your track and if you are looking for sidebite (crown cut), or freeing the kart up (flat cut.)

If you've got someone close that can help you at the track - that would be my suggestion. Otherwise, you'll be paying for shipping regardless of who cuts your tires.

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Who bought the SBR business?
I don't think anyone actually bought their business...just bought out tire side of things went one way and engine stuff went another...haven't really asked brent on details or plan too...this is just what was said at a few races ago...
Brian sold engine part out to life long friend Paul who is (PLR) don't know his last name but Brian is still going build some engines.

Brent is still doing tires and prep and will still be at the track every weekend he will be at liberty ky race this Saturday
Thanks 5M Ohio, been doing a lot of testing, all the tires that come out of my shop are trued, profiled, balanced, spring rate tested to assure u get the most out of your tires, Most issued tires are broke down before beginning the process, this way I can assure the tire was mounted properly, for more info call 740-701-7562 Todd Wills Edge Cutz