Cutting tires yourself


I would like to hear for anyone who cuts or shapes their own tires own a self built machince.
I have a couple of questions, please send p.m.


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If you need cutting bits, we can help with those - and some help getting started and along the way.
We've owned several different styles of tire cutters and currently have 2 Jones machines in house.
I've probably seen them all, if not used them all at one point or another since we started cutting tires.
I can give you some basics, and obviously do some searching on here for information as there's been lots over the years.
Beyond that, it's personal experience - that's the way you will learn.

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Can you guys post a link to the bondo rasp you are using? I have tried using a bondo rasp that looks similar to the one used in this video link below but I am having trouble getting it to cut anything. Are you freezing tire before cutting with rasp?