Darth Duck

ive had long conversations with duck and ive laughed so hard at some of the things he's seen and done,i hang up still grinnin:)
Ya gotta get to know him to realize he is a wealth of knowledge and has a way of telling you sometimes just what you don't want to hear.
duck is more low keyed these days until you ruffle his feathers then its game on,tryin to challenge him in a debate is useless and you have a better chance of winning the lottery than defeatin him,duck relies on common sense and experence/he has more of that than most of us put together....if you ruffle a feather you will know it!
I realized many years ago on here Duck always had my back covered, unless I was stupid up front and then he would push me down so I didn't get hit.

Thanks Duck, you've taught me a lot over the years.


And Duck you just made me see the truth of, to get friendship you give friendship.