Dawg Thread 2


Dawg 89
Afternoon Dawgs . Left my pocket knife on the bumper of the truck a month back . So far I've broken another , lost another and don't like the one I bought . Thinking I should go back to a straight blade belt knife .


Dew Dawg
Morning Dawgs, rainy day here today. My son got second place out of 18 cars, good day, but was on the rev limiter too soon, couldn't make up any speed. Car was also bottoming out on the track in turn 2, causing him to slow down.. Car owner had the lr tire on an 8 3/4 inch wheel for stagger but that make the car too low. ..oh well, but the worst thing for my boy was our old car we sold beat us...lol..should have kept that car.. Next race is probably Oct 24, $1000 to win..