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And on the other side of said modification coin don't just put a bigger turbo on it. Run a twin setup with a smaller and a bigger. Just running a bigger single puts more strain on the engine with stock or even oversized injectors. Run a smaller one to a stock size or slightly bigger and it won't put as much strain as your using the small one to spool the bigger one.
See this is where our views differ. I am just like any other 15 year old who cares about 3 things in life Money Girls Going Fast. When i get older I will see your guys exact points but right now as any 15 year old you just want to be loud and fast and all the older people tell me just leave it the way it is and stuff like that but one day I will see it from your point of views. I completely understand what you guys are saying. I will probably just build rear end back to stock and just take care of everything. You dawgs make some valid points but I know you guys were just like me at 1 point and only cared about being loud and fast and everyone I talk to says that one day it will change and I will realize you dont need to be loud and fast during the week on the streets thats what the race tracks for. I will probably just take you guys advise and just build it to where its reliable. Because I have a predator motor and stock appearing motor to go fast with. Thanks Dawgs. Trust me one day I will see it from your guys point of view but the young pup has to learn somehow before he becomes a senior dawg. Its just like puppie stages a dawg has. One day I will grow out of them. Thanks Dawgs.
Trust me my dad tells me all the time that the race track is where you go fast and get to be loud and the street is where you drive safely and stay quiet. I will eventually see if from that perspective hopefully sooner than later because the stage I am in right now where all I do is wanna go fast will cost me a bunch as I have to pay for any mod I want to do, pay for insurance and pay for diesel. Wanting to go fast will double and triple all those cost.


Mohawk Dawg
Oh yes it will. Take our advice to heart it will save you A LOT of money and frustration. Heck at 23 I had a cherry bomb no dump on my Durango. Thing sounded like a stock car lol. The suburban is the first one I haven't modified but that'll change with the 6.0 and 4l80e


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