Not much cheaper than getting a hotel, but it might be more fun if Hoppy is around though, and Hoppy doesn't charge for his shows, lol.
It's tough being the entertainment and a racer....I'll do my part as
All the information is now on the WKA website. They allow camping inside the track over by lake Loyd which is close to the road race pit area. I'm thinking it said $195.00 which includes water and electrical hook-ups.
You all better get to working on your karts as the MIDWEST is coming to Daytona strong in numbers!!! Us alone in 3 trailers are bringing laydown animals (5), CIK LO206 sprint, 125 shifter, cadets, tags, Yamaha pipe laydown karts. We are coming to take the GOLD!! LOL. Can't wait to see old and new friends!! You all don't eat to much TURKEY as I don't want to hear about how much weight you put on!! LMAO.