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Does anyone know the 4 cycle class structure for Daytona Yet . No point in building a ProGas IF they are running them with Animal. You can't drive two karts at the same time(;-).

With Animal , LO206, Clonies and Progas they could have a large field IF they don't try to run them all together and gave the drives time to change engines between races.

We only have so many drivers BUT we do have a lot of engine options.

(;-) TP
TP I talked to Keith at WKA last week. They are having a board meeting in a few days to discuss adding Pro gas to the list.
Also note there are only two weights for clone and they run both days (final 1 & final 2)
Well it would be good to note that several things in the sprint/dirt spec is not going to work well in Road Racing.

Spec Chain Guard (Won't fit)
Spec Pipe (Burns drivers)
SparkPlug (too hot for application) you spec a $70 cam and $50 pipe and allow a $15 head gasket but you worry that a $4 sparkplug will break the racers budget ?????
Valve lash spec ( Not good, too long to get through tech if engine has to get back to ambiant temps to check, Feeler guages are a subjective feel not a positive tech, IF you insist then use a dial indicator not a feeler guage)

Everything else good to go. IF they let us run. But we need to know very soon to get one race ready and tuned to win.

(;-) TP

There is no spec chain guard
New spec pipe is in production now and was moved back more away from driver. I will receive them on Tuesday this week and they are $38.00 - uses same muffler you already have
The 2014 spec in which you can follow will allow the #7, 9 and 12 spark plugs and they are available at local part stores for $1.99 each
Camshaft is the same cost as all other animal cams that are currently being used in WKA Alky engines
Triple thick stainless steel head gasket $15.00, well worth it and will not blow and head bolts stay tight!
Valve lash rule - very good, keeps playing field very equal and is easy to check - ask Bobby Gettys, he's been checking them all summer in gold cup.

Pro Gas specs - Best rule package in history of Animal racing - ask Bobby Gettys !

Steve where do I get an update rules set. Mine from the WKA site shows only 1 sp. Is there an update somwhere ?

(;-) TP

I just know that the trustee's at there last meeting approved that 3 heat range Champion spark plugs can be used in the Pro Gas for 2014. It will be in print in the 2014 tech manual. That was the only change to the current 2013 Pro Gas tech manual spec #705.

Steve: can you explain again what it would take to retro-fit an existing WKA methanol unrestricted Animal to be Pro-gas? I think it may have been explained in what got lost when Bob's site went down. What parts have to be changed? What would the approximate cost be coming from your shop (obviously you can't predict cost from other shops) and how would that compare to cost of a full rebuild of that existing methanol Animal?

Also, in Gold Cup where the Pro Gas has been run, what "gas" is run or specified? Is it a spec gas or can you run any gas that passes a specific test?


We set the cost at Baker Engines at $400.00. This includes new cylinder block, WF Billet rod, Std piston & rings, WKA Pro Gas spec camshaft, valve springs, plastic flywheel screen, head shield, gaskets and seals. As long as we can use your carburetor, crankshaft and cylinder head assembly we can keep the cost at $400.00.

Our normal charge for an Animal Alky rebuild is also $400.00.

At Gold Cup race events WKA tech tells the racers what gas station and pump number to buy the gas from. Normally it is just the 87 octane type. This works just fine!

Sorry TP(;-) , I gave you the wrong info. I thought the chain guard was a spec item. Nevertheless, Steve has the new version of the RLV 5511 header and I have a couple on the way to SC. As soon as I get one, I will let you know how it mocks up. I also found out today that WKA will meet next week and decide the class format for Daytona. In the meantime, we can work on building a Pro Gas. We are planning to give it a try in Sprint at Kershaw in the Powerade Series. We may also run some Gold Cup in 2014.
Joe remember that even with a 5506 we had to bend the header back some more toward the right side to clear the drivers arm. Then bend it up to clear the bumper from getting hot.

Just a thought, (;-) TP

This sounds to me like serious consideration should be given to someone, like maybe RLV, design a custom header just for the Animal road race series. One that would include the port extention, like the pro gas header, and a design that would sweep more over to the right side just as it exits the head and a good bracket / bracing support design. We have time and maybe it could be used for all the Animal classes while we are talking a redesign specific for road race? My guess is that no consideration was given to road racing when all the Animal headers were designed from any supplier! Its not rocket science and we have time to do this. What magic I have seen Rod at RLV do in a short period of time is amazing when bending and fabricating headers.

Vmax, If you and Joe could design the optimum Animal header for road racing what would it look like?

Just thinking out loud!

Hey Steve --- as soon as I get back from Homestead Myself and Paul will get a body mounted and send you some pictures of the location of the header we used last year and the gas animal header

For the clone , Paul got a header for a champ kart and welded it where we had clearance

Peewee. MGM Fab
Also we are going to make some 6 quart tanks for Daytona after I get back home and will have them ready for Daytona

Peewee MGM Fab
Steve, I don't have anything against RLV, but for the past five years I have turned to my friend Levi at Rapp Fabricating for my Clone headers. With his help, I have developed a header that is very user friendly for Road Racing. He is just around the corner from Peewee which is a plus for us. If we could develop a header for Road Racing, does it have to be manufactured by RLV ? Maybe the header rule could specify max and min length and diameter. That's how we've been doing it in RR thus far. That would give us some freedom in shaping it to suit our needs.

That is no problem for me but if this is pursued it all has to be discussed with WKA, 4 cycle tech team and the road race competition committee members.

For those that haven't seen it. The Animal Pro Gas class is listed on the Daytona entry blanks. Just in time for pre-registration.