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We stayed there until about 5 years ago, it was very nice for the price but it turned into a filthy dump and I doubt they ever remodeled it.
Kynascar1369, not certain on your requirements room wise, though as a suggestion- if you are looking to stay close to the track, I'd suggest the Hampton Inn. I've got other options and reviews on places in the area if you're interested (we've been going down to Daytona since 1992). Feel free to give me a call at the shop, PM or email me.

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Homewood suites are very nice. However I can guarantee that they aren't $69 a night. They are owned by Hilton.
The WKA rate starts at $69 bucks. I paid $69 a night last year too. 386-258-2828 It's on the WKA website.
Ok, yep the ad on the top of the WKA page has that rate. That is a deal! However according to the link from the ad the rate was only good until December 20th, for a block of rooms.

Other hotels: Cut and pasted directly from the entry form,

Official Host Hotels (click ads on
Homewood Suites by Hilton (speedway area) 386.257.4030.
Holiday Inn Resort (bch) 800.874.0975. ($89/night WKA rate)
$69.00 Wka rate per rate code (all on beach):
Plaza Ocean Club 386.239.9800. Rate code: KARTOC
Mayan Inn Daytona Beach 386.252.2378. Rate code: KARTAC
Acapulco Hotel & Resort 386.761.2210. Rate code: KARTMI
Other: Hampton Inn (speedway area) 386.257.4030;
Plaza Resort & Spa (beach) 386.255.4471.