daytona qualifing

Taft Racing

Chavous 15.529.
Nicosia 15.707
Yow. 15.850
Shriefels. 15.879
Howe. 16.223
Peters. 16.344
Wells. 16.448
Dorn 16.506
Hoskinson. 16.616
Ferguson. 16.952
Gleason. 17.290
G Cherry
B Cherry
Anderson. No time

Track is a bear to get ahold of lots of spins in qualifying. Yow headed to the backup wankle. Feature should be interesting to say the least its single file and don't mess up. Sun is out 70 degrees. Almost race time
Thanks for posting.....just watched Feature "live"....looked like a messy race.
Last lap pass for the win - congrats to #37 Michael Nicosia....
Yow was out early, and just before halfway there was massive carnage in 3-4 with a bunch of spins and no yellow. Shay led most of the race until Nocosia's pass with Chavous loose in 1-2. The two were close most of the race and picked their way through stopped karts and lapped traffic under green. Looks like the track was hard to get a hold of, with numerous karts off the pace in the marbles or spinning. One kart DQ'd for dragging muffler -- Brian Cherry, IIRC.

Without further ado:

1 - #37 Michael Nicosia - fast lap 15.381 (lap 14)
2 - #1 Shay Chavous - fast lap 15.585 (lap 3)
3 - #80 Ed Schreifels - fast lap 16.113 (lap 5)
4 - #17 Wayne Howe - fast lap 16.295 (lap 12)
5 - #52 Brandon Wells - fast lap 13.301 (lap 6)
6 - #04 Heath Dorn - fast lap 16.687 (lap 14)
7 - #23 Hoppy Hoskinson - fast lap 17.035 (lap 3)
8 - #43 Ron Anderson - fast lap 17.396 (lap 4)
9 - #7 Jason Ferguson - fast lap 16.838 (lap 5)
10 - #2 Glen Cherry - fast lap 17.219 (lap 4)
11 - #22 Stephen Gleason - fast lap 16.414 (lap 7)
12 - #21 Bill Porter - fast lap 18.128 (lap 2)
13 - #12 Tim Taft - fast lap 16.837 (lap 3)
14 - #39 Victor Peters - fast lap 16.561 (lap 4)
15 - #28 Brian Cherry - fast lap 17.127 (lap 3)
16 - #33 Robby Yow - fast lap 16.666 (lap 3)
17 - #8 Don Delancey - fast lap xxxx
Best race was Nicosia and Chavous they both were fast pulled from the field. lots of spin track look kinda of tricky to get around.
Mike and Jack Congrat's!!!!!! It was a tuff call for me between Eddie and Mike looks like I picked close to the winner!!
Congratulations to Michael Nicosia for the win... Nice Job!! Also a pat on the back for a good effort by Shay, Ed, and Wayne. I don't know all the names I see listed but a congratulatory thank-you is deserved to all of those that participated. Hopefully this race continues to become bigger and better every year!
You can't wipe the smile off Jack or Mikes face 2 happy guys right there. I'm thinking Mike want's another shot at that GN.
Many thanks to all of yez, and 2005 Bully, we also sat on pole in the Yamaha class with my 2007 Velocity, finished there 2nd. to the guy we beat today.
Which one? the Yammi is a real stock, B.P. by T.S., and the Sudam is a 125, that has been around for yrs. mike used it to win his first FAS title, Victor Peters used it to win a FAS title, and now a WKA Daytona title to go with the rest, we even took our tools to the scale area thinking it might be torn down. You can tell some folks a thousand times it ain't all engine, but a lot more tires and set-ups, we been using ONLY VEGA Tires for several yrs, now and love them, for obvious reasons.