Daytona Yamaha Rules

Ok let me give that a try:

Stock Yamaha WKA legal at 360 lb

Daytona Stock Appearing at 390 lb
Walbro WB3A carb drilled as desired
Methanol or Gas only
No Strokers
No Reeds
Up to 55 mm Piston
Port and Polish as desired


Any Pipe for both weights
John, Dad wanted me to thank you for the offer. We already have a yami going together. Jason is going to run it on the buller we got off you.

IMHO, 107 c.c.'s shouldn't be a problem, as long as the stroke is stock length. , Hoppy, I know the Fergusons, first met them in '05 at the old M. stadium.
jack. funny how all us old guys get together @ daytona isnt it? first met you @ liberty @ nats. have a good race and a merry xmas also everybody! hilton family racing!
Actually I thought he might be referring to my formal name "Robert". Hope I didn't come across rude. I am looking forward to meeting the Fergusons.

Hoppy a 55mm piston, stock stroke yamaha is 109cc and some change. Dont have a calculator handy just remember the # so you dont get decimal point #s. Its just under 110cc. Wish I could join you guys just to far away here in Okieland. Sounds like a great show and lots of good racing. Hope someone records it and post the video for us to see. Good luck to all. Mitchell