De-Burring Block

Just feel all edges internally bottom of cylinder,cam boss, ports, be easy with ports any sharp area on the complete motor and I prefer Scotch Brite hope this helps.madd dawg
What am I looking for when I am told my new block may need some de-burring?
Be looking for pooling red areas on the work bench,pit space, heads, side covers, and blocks. Generally it's accompanied with a sudden loss of blood from the finger, palm or back of hand when it discovers a burr or razor sharp edge on finely machined products.
Most of the metal on the bottom of my motors comes from the sides of the rod. Check the top of the radius on the crank. I also take the side cover off after breaking in a new motor and wipe the block out. Change oil frequently. Check for casting slag, that can fall off, everywhere. Even on the sides of the cam lobes.