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Ok so is it fine to use a 15 degree motor mount for animal engine? Is anyone having issues im fairly new to the animal run clones and at the moment just got a 15 degree for my Rage.
Some can and all OK and some cannot, I used one for 2 seasons NO issues then out of the blue one night motor starts cutting out in the turns, fought it for 3 weeks until changed to flatter mount Never did it again, If your plan is staying on an Animal for the entire season I'd get a flatter mount and not chance it.

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Ok sounds good boss il keep it in mind i plan to run a clone and animal i got phantom icon flat kart which that one has flip mount but i dont for the rage but i know a guy that has one so no problem thanks again


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On a Rage, you'll just about have to use a 15* mount to keep the air filter up off the rr tire and more specifically the right side nerf bar.
If you decide to run the 8* flip mount, you'll end up with a really long chain, and then you'll run into a problem with the exhaust pipe clearing the chassis. Keep in mind that the spread of the motor mount rails is wider (like Millenium) than most other chassis use.
I have a 15* used Rage mount or two lying around if you need something, or give Jeff @ Rage a call.

I have NOT seen a difference in tuning (or a need to change the float settings) when running a 15* mount or a flat mount.
I would encourage you to run the carb as level as possible though (the left side bolt hole is slotted in the intake manifold for just this purpose.)

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