Didnt think this was possible.

Threw a rod in a Briggs LO206. After racing it every years for nine seasons, it was time.


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As great as they are.............9 seasons is a bunch! Especially in road racing! The motor NEVER gets a break!
At least with a 206 it's a cheap fix.:)
Agreed Clark, it was fast right up until it broke. Ordering a new short block and hopefully it will go for another 9 seasons.
I still don't understand why so many use the Cheap chinese engine that are lucky to last one full season. If I am not mistaken a NEW short block, cases, crank, piston, rod, cam, lifters, assembled and blueprint is about $300 or so . I am sure Brian Carlson will correct me. they are the cheapest engines to race that there is. and as you can see. 9 years!!
We ran it between 5-7 events per year. 120 to 150 miles per event. Over the course of nine years that's about 6,500 miles. Shout out to Jimbo at Fastermotors.net for a great engine.