Different clutch stall

I am trying a different clutch this weekend on my predator kart. It was last used on a WKA flathead in early 2000s. Does anyone know the stall of these clutch’s with these springs on them?
Is that engagement to low for a predator motor with a header pipe and muffler, air filter adapter, and 10.8 valve springs with no governor?
Never raced any predators but have used Max Torque before on yard kart and mini bike builds with 212's and found they pull the low stall good . The predators are healthy off idle but don't know in a race situation what stall rpm is best.


Chamfering each outside edge of the outside diameter as well as cutting three small grooves horizontally across the shoe face one toward each end and one in the middle was common practice with these.
Straight off Noram's website - Premier Magnum spring chart https://www.noramclutch.com/go-kart-clutch/premier-kart-racing/magnum-sp1/
Shoe setting chart https://www.noramclutch.com/go-kart-clutch/noram/ge-sp3/
The drums are interchangeable between the GE series Noram and the Magnum series Premier. (as well as all the other parts). The GE series has a larger spring chart for more engagement rpms. A little warning, the inboard and outboard on the chart refers to placement of the sprocket. If you use shoe setting 1 you will usually have to endure some clutch chatter. I normally run heavy shoes on setting 4 on stockers, light shoes on modifieds.
Put the black spring in the Max-Torque and you will be right at 3,000 rpm. Video on YouTube or the Max-Torque site on how to put in the spring.