different mini sprints or champ karts


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other then what we call it. whats really difference between mini sprints without suspension and champs.
note i'm aware some fixed frame mini sprints have cages that are removable?? would you run these together?

Ted Hamilton

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Mini-sprints / micro sprints are full-size chassis with 10" tires and no rigid setups are made that I'm aware of.
Champ karts are slightly different wheelbase compared to a flat kart, and have rigid frame and cage assemblies and lay-down LTO seats with belts. They run standard karting 5" or 6" dia tires.
Winged outlaw karts are basically LTO karts with spring-floated cages and full-size aluminum seatsand belts.
PA-Wings have some hybrid kart setups with heim-joint attached cages and have a mix of seats.