Dirt Track Preparation

I see a lot of tracks going to calcium pellets, Rolling in with trucks ect then calcium at the right time i am hearing timing is everything letting it sit for a little roll that in and finish with a ALL kart ROLL in not a test and tune. Seems effective in the south.

Also tracks like Coleridge speedway will use a sheep's foot , also at Naugle speedway. I know at Coleridge the owner wont tear the track up but a couple of times a year until its cracking. Pretty much gets er smooth and rocks it out.

Charlotte dirt track had a thing posted about after the Last Call it was so dusty they sent soil samples out and found the balance was wrong. DUG it up DEEP and should result in better track conditions. I understand that local karting cannot invest what they did but. What I mean by it is that there is a science to it.
Coleridge has a great surface once you get used to sounding like you’re on bubble wrap. 😂


I run a 1/10 th mile banked track in southern Ohio . Track was built some time ago , and is pretty sandy . Last year was my first time working the track . We run just about everything from karts to mowers . I get my water direct from the creek , via a 2 inch pump that can drown the place in about 1/2 hour . I work the track thru the week with an arena drag that has 2 rollers on the back with 1/2 inch spikes . Sometimes I will disc it up and grade it from bottom to top , then reverse and grade from top to bottom going clockwise , then use the arena drag going clockwise . The night before race day , I will soak it good . The morning of race day , I hit it with the drag again going clockwise , soak it again , let it set a spell , then run it in with my old pickup . I have 2 totes in the infield with a 1 inch pump that supplies 2 , 3/4 inch garden hoses with fire nozzles , that we use during the day to keep the track from drying up to much . We race on Sunday afternoons , so keeping it a little water on it from time to time keeps it in shape . Track has been smooth and fast considering the time of day we race . 2 Brothers Raceway