Disable Predator Governor


Is there a way to disable the governor completely without having to open up the side cover and remove the plastic wheel? Can I just disconnect all of the springs?



Sorry if my question is not clear.....

The rules at a particular track we plan to run say the governor cannot be removed but it can be unhooked. I interpret this as they want to discourage people from opening up the motors to remove the governor. They do allow you to run the normal top plate setup with pulsed pump and the throttle linkage that comes with top plate. When I read facebook messages about their rules they just make comments like "tie it back", etc. Everything I found on Youtube is just about removing governors.

Based on this my question is if I have to leave the governor in the motor and the metal arm that is attached to it how do I disable any impact the governor may have? Just looking at it I assume just remove the attached springs. It seems like a silly rule but just trying to be legal and I do not have any experience with Predator governors.



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There is a thread like that . Heres what i remember .
When you unhook the arm its free to float about , eventually destroying itself and anything in the way .
Solution : tie the arm back so it's not flopping around .
The idle position or the full throttle position im not sure which .
I feel the full throttle position may be best. As thats where its going to want too be anyway .


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double up the springs on the gov arm.. connect them to the same mounting point.. one to the inner most part of the arm and one on the outtermost part. i'll post a pic if i get time


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Yes, there is iirc 5 holes around the governor spring sits in to the controlling arm. you can move the spring to one of the other holes to increase or decrease the governor restriction. Closer to the inside of the arm increases it, further decreases it