DIY Tire Roller?

Do any of you all have a good plan for building a DIY kart tire roller that has an electric motor for rotating...and a good parts supplier for the parts needed (bearings, tubing, electris motor)

Thanks for any help.
Check MSC i got an idea from one i saw havent built it ydt but ha ve an idea of what i want. Ill let you know how it works based around an old alu truck tool box. Use yoir imagination. From there
I remember reading on old bobs about someone doing something up with broom sticks and a treadmill....
Broomsticks and an old treadmill sounds intresting ,post some drawings or directions,not what i really had in mind . I want a box for my trailer and dont want to spend more than 100 bucks . Thats where "repurposeing." an old truck box came from . Msc has 1/5 hp reduction motors for around 60.00 ,then repurpose some pipe or tubeing ,youll need 3 bearings the forth is the end of the reduction motor which gets bushed to your pipe size , buy cheap insert ball bearings to fit your tubeing ,space them appropriatly and do some improviseing .if it doesnt work pull off what you dont want to throw in the nearest dumpster an call whoever and buy one ,other wise im going to give it a shot with a little trial and error ,basice mechanical skills and minor luck im hopping to put that 400 into new rights .basic no insulation or heat but my thought is get it rollin ,add tray and heat . Insulstion can go on he outside a simple removeable tray for thebottom holds rolling prep. Close the lid an theres a seat .
Got my electric motor and pipe. Should be able to get my bearings in tomorow. I'll post a pic when it's getting assembled.
Work smarter not harder with these. I have not built mine yet, but I've already found the parts and it will cost less than $50. Since it's the off seasons for me I'm changing bearings in my bearings there. Get a cheap little electric motor, couple of broom sticks or plastic handles that restaurants use. Then all you need is a little imagination and you're done. Unless you want it to be a hot box then just find someone selling a old aluminum tool box for cheap.
I know you said DIY, but if you do decide to go the commercially built route, Rebel Fabricators in Rocky Face, GA sells a very affordable tire roller. I think the price is $120 shipped. A prep pan adds a little more to the price.

Here is a link to their Facebook page where they have most of their products listed.
Do any of you all have a good plan for building a DIY kart tire roller that has an electric motor for rotating...and a good parts supplier for the parts needed (bearings, tubing, electris motor)

Thanks for any help.

Are you only looking to roll inside or do you want to roll both inside and outside ?
Dad used the wheel bearings out of the cheap wheels at Tractor supply they were cheap. Then built it with rotessire motor and diamond plate. It has two motors set up and a hole for the heat gun. On the other side he set up an axle and a motor to spin the tires for scuffing etc. Turned out real good. Should have some pictures on my face book.
I like those ideas mine is a discarded tool box . Iwant to be able to prep in and out .yes its also a hot box .had othes plans for discard ed hubs spindles and 1/2 bolts are pretty cheap . Found thecflange bearings at tru value for 3.50 a pice fit top bar of old chainlink fence they had a bunch of sizes .
The one i'm working on is just for rolling inside. I got my flange bearings out of an old walk behind landscape edger. As a bonus it also had a honda 5.5 ohv motor. Got it for nothing out of a junk pile and the motor still runs. The end shaft was busted where the edger mounts but I'm not needing to do any edging with it anyhow:D
I bought 4 conveyor rollers that were knurled from IBT and a motor from a local electric shop...I had my friend who owns a machine shop build me aluminum diamond plate box...I have about $70.00 invested in mine and it will do 2 sets of tires.
old dremel motor with speed adjuster on it.. works real nice for a drive motor.. not done yet, but should be by the time i need tires.. thought about using a drill motor with a house hold dimmer switch to control the speed.. would be cool to have a DIY spot for shop equipment and tools with the DIY motor section