Do you need different prep for cold tracks?


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I am new to this, I ran inside prep and week before race day I prepped tires every other day and had good results up until the weather here got in 50’s and cloudy and now it’s like the prep isn’t working, didn’t know if they have prep for cold weather or if I should change my routine? Thanks in advance
For us, yes, we learned this last year racing indoor in the cold. We use Trac Tac and they make preps for cold weather. Hopefully we can put it all together for this years indoors.
We raced at Quincy Il. Kart hooked up good with white maxxis with 4 once’s of pink panther in right side tires and 2 once’s in left tires, rolled them 24 hours . All good, then it dropped in 40’s at night and maybe 60 in daytime and we went to indoor races at palmyra Mo and the back tire had no bite, so thought it was the sandy dirt indoor, then went to fulton Mo and same thing yesterday, rear tires have no grip. The stuff we whip on them is I believe black 2.0 got it from Carlson, everything was great till cold weather.. lol the kart is a phantom minecon 2022 , 61 percent left 70 cross and 45.5 front.
Palmyra you needed a tire that punched high 30’s to low 40’s rolled a week out around 120cc. There is a difference between a low Duro tire and a tire that has bite with a low Duro.

That’s a lot of left and cross for a track that did not produce the bite everyone thought it would have imo…..