Dover Power @ Harrisburg Pa Swap Meet Nov 1st & 2nd

Dover Power

This will be our 12th year going.
This year we will be debuting numerious NEWLY created items for us.
Heres just a few

Rev Pro Lubricate Line up
Fine Wine Racing Oil , Hog Wash Eng/Carb Flush, Fabric Filter Oil, Brake Fluid

Rev Pro Valve Train Product Line up
Holey Moses Clone Cam HMC-14
Rev Pro REDS Clone Springs
Lite Weight Stainess Steel Push Rods (Clones)

Misc Lo Cost tools
Disc Clutch Adjustment Gauge
Engine Stroke Gauge
Clone Valve Lift Gauge
Clone Spring Installment Gauge
Carb Drill Bit Sets

Holey Moses Clone Headers
Std & Ceramic HMP
Std & Ceramic HMP FAT BOY (new for 2014)

This is just a few select items we will have

Dover Power

Man get a couple buddies and make the trip.. Its the biggest get together in the USA now.. Nothing comes close.. BUT you do have to fight the elements and being up all night :)

Its well worth the drive.. Plus too you can drop off your HOG with us.. JD

Dover Power

Harrisburg show will be the last chance to purschase our CE Clone Race engines at the $625 price tag.. After that pricing is going to $700.. People might ask why the price increase?? Anyone heard of the NEW ObamaCare Law coming into effect.. NUFF Said... We employee 6 fultime workers although my wife sezz I don't do

Dover Power

I have been working on Dover Power Engine Sponsorship Program today... A unlimited amount of racers can become eligable for a Free engine or one greatly reduced price..

We chose to make this another Debut at the Harrisburg Swap Meet.. Come by and read all the details... This years shows / swap meets will be our test runs on this offering and can be withdrawn at anytime..

Dover Power

You DIY'ers had better come by early for some deals directed solely at you..
Heres a lil list

Clone Blocks at unheard of pricing (Not 2nds or undesirables) Grade A prime
Blueprinted Short Blocks
Blueprinted fully assembled heads
Kit Motors
Simple lo cost tools to check your engines for tech.
Rock bottom pricing on all Clone Parts
Clone Engines in the box for $99 bucks,,, Big shipment didn't arrive in time so quanities are limited

More details in 24 hours