Dover Power Rocks!!!

I just want to say thanks and give a huge shout out to Jerry and crew. I've been away from karting for over 10 years and used to use Dover power back in my flathead racing days. Now I've started using his stuff for my 10 year old sons Clone and we are never under powered! I get asked all the time who built my motor (I did using Dover parts and carbs).

I've placed a few orders lately for other local guys and my stuff arrives super fast and is top quality as always!!! In my opinion, there is no other place to shop for your horsepower needs!


Dawg 89
That's a big 10 - 4 .
From the u-build it flathead too fully assembled , then blue , yellow and red clones.
always pleasant on the phone with info you can count on .

Dover Power

Thanks guys.... I have been out of the loop on here for the last month.. I couldn't get on the site,, thought I was blocked or something :)... Someone told me how to get back on,, Bob changed something and I wasn't smart enough to figure it out..
YEAH J.D. IS THE MAN. Always great to talk to him on the phone and him and the crew get the parts out of the door. I do most of my shopping with dover power. We winning races.