Dover Power

Yes, mine has dover power stamped on one side of the front drain plug, a set of initials and a date on the other side and a set of numbers stamped just under where the top plate mounts on the chain guard side.
Yup...was something they used to do with the animals and flatheads but got away from it from what Jerry told me...can't speak for the clones. All my motors were bought personally off of Jerry face to face.
Get one of those black lights at Harbor Freight. Wipe everything down, then use the light. At an angle you can see even trailings that have been worn off. Its easy.
The clones,, we wanted to tag them all but early on the customers didn't want it.. They didn't want to loose engines to claims..
BUT we started stamping them 100% unless customer said no or if it was a private label engine sold to other builders or kart shops where the use their on ID's.

As of October 2010 we stated stamping them.. The markings are down beside the front oil drain plug.. It willhave our Name,, date built and what stage engine it is..
If its not there then its either NOT ours or built before Oct 2010

Briggs engines,, approx 50 of them got marked... At one time we were producing 300-400 briggs a yar and it was just overwelming.. Nowdays we are producing approx 400 clones a year