Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Dragon speech recognition software is pretty good, I've been using it for a couple three years, maybe more, but the software needs help. I try to fix the mistakes before I post to Bob's, it's pretty easy, but sometimes I miss them (the mistakes) so please be understanding and forgive my mistakes.
Maybe it just has trouble understanding your Texas drawl?
Or maybe the software was written in Texas and can't understand my California drawl. I've only lived in Texas for 11 years. Actually, when you first buy the software and install it, they have you read a test document to get the tone of your voice. You can also teach the software. Even with all that, i.e. there, they're and their, will sometimes not be right, but that's all right because most people don't know how to to use the different spellings of those words and others like them. I.e. 2, to, two, too. There's another one, but nobody knows how to spell it. I.e. there are three"?'s" In the English language.