Dual brake rotors?


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Finally got the 250 running last night on a fast, tight 1/10mile, and I NEED MORE BRAKE! Was just running my stock 1/8th thick rotor that came on my badmax, and it was glowing, does anyone make a dual steel rotor that I can continue to use my mcp caliper with? Need to order ASAP for next weekend!



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I like the product that Seay offers and may end up win one, but prefer an all steel version if one is available?

Ted Hamilton

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Ripley has a vented brake rotor that bolts to a standard MCP hub. www.cometkartsales.com has 'em, or can get them. I have the MCP vented rotor which is really a European front brake disc turned down to a minilite-compatible diameter. They're nice, but not sure if they're enough for a 250 or not. I would take 2 MCP 1/4" thick rotors and bolt a steel spacer between them.... I wonder if a minilite disc sandwiched in there would work...hmmmm..... Good luck, and stay safe!


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Minilite sandwiched is not the way to go
go to an auction nearby ted and buy one. go to auction zip .com and check your area. nuff said!
john hilton hilton auctioneers. "why buy new when used will do"


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I have one from a European kart andnever had an issue with my 131 open Ital. I think it might be enough for a 250 too but again it also depends on your caliper setup.