Dual Mikuni 3434 on a CR 250

I machined my manifolds, give al ashman a call, he probably has one, I have a pair of atomized Tilly 34mms, for sale if interested..
Can you see whats going on there?
Not at all what you are looking for, just sharing how my father made four carbs work progressively. The two blue carbs open slowly while the two red ones don't start until the blues gets to 3/4 throttle. They all get wide open at the same time. Hex shafts run between the common color carbs. This twin engine setup has two completely separate fuel systems.


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I have some answers you may like
I have tried just about all differnet kinds of carbs
can help out{{I think{{
built john cochrans set up..
I don't know to privete email you
call or tell me how to message you privite
al 623 972 2309