duquoin il. indoor track mph?

animal 77

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anyone know what the fastest mph in the uas/outlaw class would be? trying to get my gearing close for jan. 11th, my engine is a 131cc 2 stroke thanks.....
My fastest time was 10.2 sec. 14,400 rpm, 9.35 ratio, 36" rollout tires. AND DID NOT make main. Id say Emerson was turning high 9 sec laps
Sounds about right. Its a really nice fast biting track. A little heads up.....they will DQ you for hitting the white discs, and cautions are only thrown for serious track blockage. Don't know if we will make that date. Have fun, put it on em, and good luck!!!
Please do not take my advice on what ratio to start with. Maybe someone who runs up front will point ya in the correct direction. I've been running these open 2 cycles for 4 years and have not won a single race anywhere! Think I've been told wrong for years or I just don't have clue myself