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In doing a little reading last night, I was reading an article about the difference of e15 and e85. My local track requires 87 pump gas for the fuel tests, and they test from a place just up the road. I'm not a fuel expert, so my question is, will e15 pass an 87 gas test? I know e85 will not and smells different.
You'd be surprised what will pass when compared to a local sample.
For instance, our local stations here in the midwest have a blend of "up to" 15% of ethanol already at the pumps.....By law, most big cities are required to have a minimum of 10% ethanol in their pump gas blends.
A variance of less than 5% is not that much, and I suspect you'd have some pass just fine.
As far as the advantage...that depends on the tune of your engine.

As a tech man, I've had guys bring all sorts of fuels up to be courtesy checked (some more often than I cared to test for them) and there's a reason -- they are continually adding a little something to their fuel and still get it to pass the tester. After seeing the same fuel jug come back a third time by a third different person, you kinda get what's going on.

Bottom line is whatever fuel you are using (or it's source,) it must pass the track's tech, regardless of what's actually in it.
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