Eccentrik - Front end geometry Question


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Recently bought a 12' Eccentrik. Question I have is when I received it the Rf tie was mounted on the bottom of the RF spindle arm. The left front tie rod was mounted on top of the LF spindle arm. Looking at it, it seems the RF should also be mounted on the top of the spindle arm also. Mounted on the bottom it seems the tie rod angle is pretty severe. Tried calling Ultramax, but people to answer my question where out till 1st of the year.

I was taught to put them above or below the arm as long as they're at the same angle. My Excentric has one above and one below so that they are both in alignment with each other. There may be other reasons to think about. I'm just going by what I was taught.
Thanks. That's what I was thinking, was to keep them both as level as possible. I haven't checked the pitman arm angle yet. I thought maybe that was the reason they had them mounted like that. When checking the pitman arm angle, per ultramax, do you keep each side as close to equal as possible, going lock to lock on the steering?