Edge seat vs Select seat in a 2002 Nemesis


2002 Nemesis has had a LG edge in it since I have owned the kart in 02. Still runs great with the seat. I was out of karting for a few yrs and then ran some champ karts. My question is, with the new seats out there, is there much of a difference with the Select compared to the Edge seat? Does the Select seat lay down more? Better VCG? just wondering if its worth it.

Thanks, Greg
Edges are great if you are wider at the hips. A select style seat will have lower VCG. I would choose one base on your body type. I think in a 02 Nemesis you wont feel a heck of a difference.
If it's fast I'd ride it. I prefer the Select seat although in a Nemesis it may be difficult to get the seat at the right height and not have the rear of the seat extend past the rear of the axle. Hopefully someone who has mounted one will chime in and let us know.