Edge vs. Select seat on a 02 Nemesis


2002 Nemesis has had a LG edge in it since I have owned the kart in 02. Still runs great with the seat. I was out of karting for a few yrs and then ran some champ karts. My question is, with the new seats out there, is there much of a difference with the Select compared to the Edge seat? Does the Select seat lay down more? Better VCG? just wondering if its worth it.

Thanks, Greg
The Select is quite a bit lower. The Edge is still a decent seat when there isn't tons of bite, that is, if the seat is in good shape (if it's old it probably isn't in that good of shape).

Running pavement at a track with tons of bite. Used to run firestones, but now since we are on Vegas, Nene bites to much, so looking to see if going to a lower VCG would help.
lightning light grabber2 works well too. I just took my grabber2 out and went back to a quest to sit up a bit more I drive a 01 nemi