Electric Kart Stand Batteries


I need some guidance on a battery selection for my electric kart stand. I have an AGM battery now that is getting weak. The battery tender has to be plugged in in between uses and she's still straining! What's your thoughts on a replacement and where is the best place to buy?




Been using a 50$ Walmart car battery for the last three years with no problem. Heavier and had to make a bigger battery box. Charge it once a month and forget it.

Jeff Wesell

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Not sure what lift you have Gary, but for our SUPER LIFT, we recommend a U1 style battery which is common in the Lawn and Garden Tractor market. Popular places for these are Wal*Mart, Tractor Supply, Batteries+.
Most folks are just purchasing the standard battery which runs about $40. I do have some owners of our lifts whom have purchased some pretty high end model of batteries upwards of $200.

The higher the CCA rating battery you get, the more initial lifting power you'll have-- pending of course also on the winch you are using. On my personal lift, I installed a standard U1 series battery from Wal*Mart and it gets me through a three day race weekend without charging. At home I just put on a Auto On/Off trickle charger. Any other questions on things we've used or done for battery power, feel free to call me at the shop (262) 457-5018 or you can always email me too. jeffw@ghilaser.com

Have great Friday and Weekend!