Electric Razors


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Santa brought me an electric Norelco razor about 25 years ago. - aobut the shape/size of a pack of cigarettes.
I didn't look like it - didn't work very well.
I figured they may have gotten better with time.
Anyone using one and like the job it does? - if so what make/model?
They have gotten a lot better since then. They work best if you shave daily or at least very often rather than letting your hair get too long. I also have found that your skin or hair will adapt to it somehow. It takes a few shaves for it to happen but at first it shaves clean but wont feel quite as smooth and then all of the sudden after a few days it works as good or better than a razor. I'm a fan I am just too lazy to shave often enough for it to work well.

I beleive the one I was using was a phillips and it was a self cleaning model that used an alcohol solution in the base to wash itself.
The only electric I ever tried seemed tome that it was trying to pull each hair out by the root one at a time, even the old Gillette double edge blade in the razor that opened and closed by a knob at the bottom was light yrs. ahead in comfort and ease, todays 5 blade units work even better, but the cost is way out of line.