electric water pumps?

I've thought about using the standard european water pump for CIK and removing the belt pulley, then using a short piece of fuel line as a poor-man's cv joint to a r/c car motor controlled by a servo tester. Alternatively, figure out what voltage runs the motor at desired RPM and make a large r/c battery in that voltage spec. I need to do this shortly for my DAP w/c 100cc engine on dirt. I'll post pics once it's done and report back how it works. The nice thing about the servo tester vs. battery voltage is that you could change speed without much trouble.... I will say that a seperate system adds complexity and you have to remember to turn it on before starting up....
I use a Buehler auxillary pump. 69 bucks at WWW.surplustechparts.com. Pumps at 3 GPM. Very low amp draw. They use them as helper pumps in automobile coolant systems for the heater core. No complaints so far. Part # is 3317 I think.