Elite Cutters

Our team just picked up a buyout today, which included an Elite Cutters tire cutter. It did come with an instruction manual, but any sort of phone number, web site, etc to ask a few questions would help.

Questions include where to buy new blades, what blades to buy and how often to change them? I found 1 old thread from 2016 where maybe I could get blades from Carlson?

Can I also use it to sand tires?

And a few more technical questions.



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We had an sbc we sanded on it . Brian could probably answer any questions .
You should have a few bits as when you hit a cord or two they get dull and don't cut near as well .
Have paper and pencil handy .


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We've got bits in stock that bolt right up to your machine. There's an ad. hidden over on the business forum.
https://4cycle.com/karting/threads/tire-cutting-bits.90248/page-2#post-770612Your Elite cutter was built in Ohio, I'm sure I have the info on it somewhere around here, but escapes me now.
It is a copy of the Vmax tire cutter. It should have a longer radius bar on it.
I will try to answer any questions that you might have on it.
Give us a call for bits, we always have those in stock.
$25 ea, or $200 for a sleeve of 10 (mix ok.)

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