Elvis? alive and well in Canada?

Went to the web site above and listened to all three of the songs the boy did. Never send a boy to do a man's job. He is just exactly what he is trying to be, just another Elvis imitator.
I grew up listening to Elvis's music, first record of his I had was "That's All Right Mama" with the flip side of "Blue Moon of Kentucky". In his version of "That's All Right Mama", he falls short of the original, he muddled one of the lines and didn't quite make the lower notes. He missed some of the vocal reflections also on his other songs too, he sounded like he was forcing it. He's trying, but he's got a long way to go. He lacks the depth and range of Elvis's voice. I've heard others do a much better job.
I'm an avid Elvis fan always was and probably always will be. Have stacks of his 45's and albums, including the Sun album that was quickly recalled after he passed away. Every so often I pull them out and play them. There's nothing like the original recording, except listening to Elvis live. Had that pleasure once from a front row seat so close to the stage that I could have reached out and touched him.
There will never be another Elvis.
Lee Ann Rimes did a much better job of sounding like Patsy Cline, than the boy did of Elvis. jmo
Just how much closer can you get , logan ?

Well, a Tennessee accent for one thing instead of french canadian. And like Bengert said he doesn't have the range or power. Peace in the Valley and American Trilogy. Listen to the Elvis versions and tell me there is another voice that makes you feel the song like him.