Enclosed Trailer build from pop-up camper frame.


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Started with a 105 1/4 x 80 1/4 frame. Using 1 5/8 metal stud material for the frame of the box.
Thanks guys. Its going to be a process that rely's on money as I can afford to get the parts and pieces. Just trying to break it up and get the parts I need in the correct order so it's constant progress.
Looks good shift .If u was close to me I could get u deal on aluminum for sides ..we done one same way everybody thought we bought it .
When I built my big one almost like that , I made a bunch of brackets about 6" long by 5" high, they mounted on each upright, about 1/2 way up, and had a length of rectangular tubing welded on so that it extended from front to back, I used them to hold 4 karts verticle , with bottom held in a length of 2 x 4, with holes drilled to hold rear bumper bolt heads, then top was held with bongee or a srrap. also made some plywood panels about 2' wide with 2 x 4 on each side, so that a kart could be carried on each shelf. we also used the kart shelves so that we could sleep in bags, when weather permitted.
I will GH. It will get done as i can afford to buy the parts and materials. Im looking at trying to be under 750.00 and be ready.
I skinned mine with Luan plywood, but that's not good if it is stored outside, Marine p.w. would be better, but more expensive. one trick is to install the sides first then at the top a stiffener of about 1" -1-1/2" square tube or solid wood, just so that the top section overlaps the side to eliminate any place for leaks. Access door or doors at the front are always good.
Whats the load rating on those tires ?

Im not sure, but they are not staying on it. I will get tires suitable for what I am hauling. These may work, Im just not sure and one has a leak, and they are dry rotted.

And jack what do you mean?
The plan is run the sheet metal inch past the top track bend over 90* and then overlap the roof metal 1" past down on the sides and nose.
And I am leaving a space in the floor of the v-nose for air tank with plumbed line to inside the trailer for air hose and a place for one of those small generator's.

This was SHIFT664 posting, didnt realize that I was under my sons s/n.
If I remember right the tires on our pop-up were rated for 970 lbs each. That was the wide ones like are on your's
If I remember right the tires on our pop-up were rated for 970 lbs each. That was the wide ones like are on your's

Thats plenty dont ya think? it might weight 750# before its loaded if I was to guess. right now its light enough I can move it around the yard by hand.
Looks great! Keep the pics coming. Someone else posted step by step pics of theirs being home built too. Your off to a great start!
Check load rating when you get your tires. I bought some of those low profile tires once that we're rated at 1400lbs. My son and I built our first trailor. Everone started calling it the tool shed lol. Good luck on your project.
Something to keep in mind everyone I know that has a trailer with smaller tires keeps spare bearings with them because it seems to not be if but when a bearing will go out. The thing looks really good so far btw.