engine builder problems


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there's the problem: (this was 2013 rules) I bought a new engine from a know engine builder not a big name but still get plenty of customers. the engine was strong and had lots of power but after the last race of the season I noticed I lost a crank case bolt not a big worry, but when I got home and drained the oil I seen a piece of metal in there. after I opened it up the pin hole that keep the pin in place had broken and a small piece came loose I kind of found this funny because, that was the fastest we ever ran. I call the engine builder and they said the this was a common problem and didn't keep the side cover tight. is he right? I was mad because I got no warning of having to keep the bolts tight. but I guess that should have been common since. know he said that I can send it back and he will up date it, replace the block, and dyno it again for $300 is it worth it? the engine only has 4 to 5 races. opinion?
charger71, its not uncommon for the side cover bolts to come loose, some motors are worse than others, I personaly use red locktite and torque the bolts to 200 in lbs and have had good luck, not sure on what you are saying on the other, was it the circlip that holds the piston pin in that had broken. did it ruin the block?
so the pins broke in half ? they are not really pressed in you should be able to replace these yourself verry easily . pull sidecover and slide them out with small screwdriver replace them , and side cover gasket , bolt side cover back up with some loctite , i have even used permatex on the threads . . when you say 4-5 races , is that total races . or is that 4-5 days of raceing ??
Unfortunately sometimes it does break the block where the dowl pins go, not really anybody fault like i said some motors are worse than others as far as trying to keep the sidecover bolts tight
so the block needs replaced .................... block cost .............. http://www.arcracing.com/servlet/the-650/BSP-Clone-Stock-crankcase/Detail

if the original builder wants to charge you $300.00 to simply swap your internals over into a new block . that is absolutly crazy . you could buy a new clone race ready for that price !!

i cant see the original builder doing you that way . when you can buy a block for $30-40 !!!! it doesnt take $ 270.00 to assemble a clone !!
sorry man but for $300.00 i just think you should get much more for your money . thanswapping your parts into a new block . any engine builder worth his reputation , should be replacing rod , piston & rings while its apart
I think your builder is pricing you a rebuild with a new block which may be the only way to go, I would have a hard time putting a used rod back in my motor even if it only has 5 or 6 races on it then you have the machine work on a new block, switching the bearings replacing the seals(thats stuff that dont come with a new block)and then all the gaskets
if they're put in with locktite you should never have to tighten them, check them or even worry about them coming out until you wanna split the case...
I see your from Ky also, do you mind me asking who the builder is that your asking about here? You can PM me if you dont want the name out in public. I know most of the builders around here and may know the one you are talking about and can give you some info. To answer your question, $300 to basically rebuild the engine and update it to 2014 rules, plus dyno the motor is not bad at all, thats pretty reasonable. Your basically getting a new block and sidecover, piston, rings, rod, valves and valvetrain, pretty much all new parts besides the crank and head, plus the builders labor time and costs factor into this as well. the dyno time alone is $50-75 depending on whether they just put it on the dyno to see what power it puts out, or tune the engine on the dyno for max performance. Im assuming you mean its going to be dyno tuned rather than just dyno'd.