Engine Builder/Seller around Wichita, KS?


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Hey everyone, I'm fairly new here & I'm in need of buying a new engine for my kart. Right now I've got a B&S Raptor, but it's about had it. I'm trying to find someone near Wichita, KS that will either build me a lightly modified engine, or preferably, sell me a "stock" crated Animal.


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Dennis Scott is near KC in Basehor, KS, which is a ways from you
http://www.scottracingengines.com/Fairfield is in KC

1 up for this! Dennis is a great guy and LOVES to talk karting. So make sure if you visit or call in and talk to him that you have some time because he's full of information and loves to share it. I've called him race-day on a Saturday needing info on setting a Zama on a Blue Wazoom flatty he rebuilt for me and was more than happy to take time and explain tuning over the phone. Definitely recommend!!