Engine combo


world formula engine combo. Modified! Sprint kart, 335#. Non billet block and head. Race gas. No methanol. 4.43 gear for my track. Has to pull hard from 4200 to 7200. And rev to 8800 on long straight. Please feel free to leave your combo. Compression, rod length, cam, valve size, carb, header inner dia- length, No muffler. Entertainment purposes. No 10 minute motors. Endurance, 7-9 hours service before inspection. If thats possible!
my build. Bore 2.717. Stroke 2.437. 14.13 ci @ 1.3 hp per ci . 18.37 hp. 3.625 rod, flat top piston, .010 out with a .052 head gasket. 356 custom billet cam. Ported head 1.14 in and 1. ex valve dia. 75 cfm intake. 16.5 cc chamber. 12.2 compression. 24 mm carb. Pipe stepped pipe .880, .960., 1.00, 1.125. 30” long. Small hollow muffler. My track requires muffler.
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