Engine Identification Help


Hey guys, this is my first post as I generally just read and learn from all of you. Instead of continuing my research that has stretched into hours now, I figured I would reach out for some help to identify my engine.

I have searched possibly hundreds of photos with almost definitive results several times until I find a subtle difference that sends me back to my search. I believe both outside fins are broken off to where the manufacturer would most likely be. I think it’s quite a bit older than I originally thought. Only a serial number D4168. Photos below.

Perry? PCR? TKM?

Thank you in advance for any input.



Thanks guys. I will do some research on those engines specifically. Is there any demand for these motors in the US? I picked it up in a kart op buyout so I'm not even sure I will ever end up using it. Already too many class options with so many karts and motors lol.
Thanks again


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As twostroketoowke says itlooks like a TKM RS80 reed. I think the PCR looks similar but has some inclination that makes the fins higher on one end than the other (front and back).


I really appreciate it guys. Can it still be a competitive motor today? And would there be any classification for it if I did get it set up? Also, any value if I do decide to move on from it? Obviously it all depends what it looks like opened up, but allegedly there was $1600 in performance work done to it. I didn't get any information on how long ago that has been.

Thank you all again for the help. I am a bit of a virtual hermit and haven't posted anything publicly in almost 10 years lol. The acceptance and respect the karting community shows to each other is second to none. So thanks to everyone on the forum, I actually know what motor I have rather than search through old forum posts. Thanks again!!
If converted to alcohol and put on a jackshaft, it would be a stout small track piece provided you’re talking oval racing. I love 100/116cc motors for bull rings. They’ll hang with the 4 strokes all day.
How many did you get just one or a pair? If I remember right these are a 48.5mm stroke with a 51mm bore. Twins would be somewhat potent but in this day there are many more up to date engines out there.