engine mounted shifter


Looks very nice! If I may add my two cents; I would either make a spacer at front linkage or an "S" bend in the linkage for a less binding pull through the gears. Another words a straight pull will reduce possible bind and friction.
I'm doing this on my 125, but the Hyper mount I'm using has enough extra material up front to use fo the pivot. Will post pics when I'm done. I'd ask you to make my shift lever, but the geometry's different enough to have to make my own. I'd like a closer look at the setup on Marcus Ambrose ThumperX setup.

justin. like kahunas 125 yami shifter? too cool! have a merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your families, and good luck as new admin for our series in ohio! H of H&H racing and hilton auctioneers!
Now i think that is a crf 250r pictured has he ran it yet? What did he think of the power. Cuz im about to complete a crf250r no tranny just wondered what he thought
Ok justin thanks for the info. Im happy with my yz250f on these small tracks in northern ohio.I just like trying all my options. Thanks again
I did almost the exact same this on my 450 honda. But I used a 69 swinn stingray shifter. kool!