Engine vibration

Monty 5

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212 predator hemi bottom, non hemi head, w/champion 1:1 rockers. +20 billet rod, billet flywheel, 308 cam, 22mm mukuni carb. 0 to 20mph, fine. All after that. VIBRATIONS ! Need HELP !


Does it shake with the wheels off on the stand? Make sure it is the motor and not a bent axle or wheel. Then look for damage on the clutch and flywheel. Do they wobble at all when being rotated? They are the biggest mass on the engine rotating assembly so I would start there.

alvin l nunley

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"Swift acceleration", don't understand that statement. How about down the straightaways?

If there's no problem down the straights, my thinking is the clutch has a problem. What type of clutch? Is it something you can hear, or is it something you can feel?