Estate sale Yamaha stuff


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I am trying to help the family clear out parts. Everything is used except a flat of NGK spark plugs. Items include 3 cylinders, a set of cases, crank halves, DXL and L&T clutch parts, motor mounts, Buller oil, +- 35 pipes, +- 50 wheels and tires, it is going to be all or nothing on the pipes and wheels. I will not sell just a few. Most of the pipes are Buller and I won't have a list of what they are for. belt drive jackshaft parts and more! Call or message for more pictures. Located in Mankato Mn. I will not ship oil, wheels and tires or pipes but they can be had for a great deal. She and I would prefer it all gone in one deal. 507.388.3130 Brian
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Hey Brian, having grown up and raced in MN during the Yamaha heydey, would respectfully like to know who the community lost. You can PM if you want to keep it private.