Excess toe


I replaced tie rod heims this week and the kart was horribly tight on entry. Pretty much had to slide it to enter. So we put the kart on the scales just as it came off the track to find our problem. When setting the left front toe the laser was bouncing off the body. It was severely toed out. It seems odd that toe out would tighten entry that much. Just curious if anybody has ever had anything similar or ideas as to why it may have done that?


Dawg 89
If its sliding the lf frt along the track . And you turn it even more its not going too grab . Or set the chassis via weight jacking .


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Should have wanted to wander back and forth down the straightaway and yes should have pushed like a bulldozer going in, the front tires would have no chance to grip as they should because they were already just sliding along the surface of the track...jmo