Recently;Till bout 1/2 hr ago I have been running a whole bunch of EX. Combos I found interesting results as far as HP with a Megaphone/w/rev cone@outlet... 212cc 11.1 comp. 26mm real mik;,28.5 int 25mm ex; Hemi -.050 w/various cams,blk mamba sr;mod 2 adv.4*;and Nr252;HP can be changed immensely by changing the lengths of the primary& the megaphone length,But most major changes were seen by Rev cone exit Dia. from 1"-1-3/8" outlet. Meg. Lngt. approx10"..W-1"ID Primary...... Hal, Barry any comments?? Will keep you all posted; Dave........ Scavenging at its best??? Much more work to be done......Reminds me of 2 smoker days
Dave....I am Not surprised at all! I do think that 'one' could explore any/all of the avenues too take in this 'clone-thing' and bury ones-self until he** freezes-over! There are entirely too many paramatures involved too really try to get (1) 'thing' 100% perfect! Then....you have the 'nut' behind the wheel!! (speaking from the 'crew'...of course and a $99 motor) :)