Tim, when do we get ours? some guys need to plan around their work schedules.

I have just cross roads to confirm, But I can give you most of it right now.

Feb 15th Fruitland Park (points)

March 8th Dirt Devils (points)

March 28th Fruitland Park, friday night Outlaw support class

March 29th Fruitland Park Marty Ruser Memorial UAS 1/4 point event.(points)

April 12th Volusia (points)

April 26th Fruitland Park special non points event, Bike Week /AllStar kart

May 10th Dirt Devils (points)

May 24th Cross Roads UAS 1/4 point event (points)

May 31st Cross Roads rain date for the 1/4 point event.

June 14th Volusia (points)

Off July

Off August ( Big O UAS event)

Sept 12th-13th UAS Grand Nationals

Sept 27th Dirt Devils (points

Oct 04th CrossRoads (points)

Oct 25th Volusia (points)

Nov 8th Crossroads World 100 (non points)

Nov (TBA) Possible Thanksgiving event for Fruitland park non points

Dec (TBA) WKA World Dirt Championships at Daytona.

The only date I don't have confirmed is Cross Roads Oct 04th but i don't think there will be a problem.

Also with all FAS events except the world 100 and the special Bike week event, we'll be introducing the Florida OutLaws support class.

Engines include:
100cc Piston port Stock. 330 lbs
100cc Piston port Super Stock 360 lbs (no strokers)
Limited Modified 330 lbs
Open Animal 360 lbs
Open Clone 360 lbs
age 15 and older.

I will be dropping your 2 worst point races for the FAS Championship, so those who can't make every event can do a little pick and chose.
Yes I am. That was the entire premise of the 1/4 point races being a race administrators already schedule. No extra cost to their racers
Now, is the support class truly 100cc Piston Port as written or mis-posted as actually a "Yamaha only" class? Just wanting to clarify because hardly anyone wants to recognize any piston port other than a Yamaha nowadays. Thanks! :)
Now, is the support class truly 100cc Piston Port as written or mis-posted as actually a "Yamaha only" class? Just wanting to clarify because hardly anyone wants to recognize any piston port other than a Yamaha nowadays. Thanks! :)

Any 100 cc piston port stock stroke only.
I'm not much of a 4 stroke guy. The limited mods that I know of are flatheads. If your looking into 250cc MX engine or billit aftermarket engines you'd be better suited for the allstars.
The class is for guys who want to tinker modify and race without some one sticking a rule book up the backside. For the most part I'm looking to give obsolete engine packages a place to go race. Young kids who are bored with racing guys with the exact same engine power and bumper bashing cause they have no other choice.
This is a class to learn to run with other combinations. To learn to race without taking your fellow racer out. If your package all maxed out makes about 30hp. Then I'll most likely add it to the class. If it has 40hp potential I'll just refer you to the next level. The allstars. I want guys that want to race not blame their engine and weight on their not winning.
There ya go!!! I just thought I would throw that out there Tim as there will be those that come around and cry foul if nothing was said. Let em take the track and race, if someone is clearly out horse powering everyone then they need to move up if they can drive!!
Tim just a sugestion but the Parilla, Hpvs and other 100cc piston ports should run at yamaha ss weights to be fair they are much stronger out of the box than a yamaha
Thanks Brain, I know your already versed in what to expect. Mitchel. Yeah there are some strong 100cc piston ports but not as many users as the Yamaha. I'm giving the straight across the board rule. If I go micro managing the rules it'll just cause problems. I have no problem if one company out engineered another. It's not a Yamaha class, Those that want one of those can form their own class. I have no intention of using any WKA micro management of porting ect. Stock means it has a stock crank, cylinder,head,ign, and carb. SS means you can do what you want without stroking it. Let's see if the 2 stroke guys can hang with the 4 stroke guys and vise versa.
Thank you for that last post Tim. I understand it is a "Florida OUTLAW" support race and if one brand manufacturer is not up to speed with another one, as an outlaw class I see no need to dumb down a rules package. I will now have a place to set up a kart with one of my K-71's, BT-82, or even my Dap T-50, something shunned within Yamaha class structures. Now all I have to do is buy another offset kart. Seems I was premature (by 2 days) to sell my only offset kart because of the unbelieveably adolescent behavior on another thread.

Now, my only question about the piston ports, I just want to clarify that these are not "stock appearing" rules right? Or are we required to stick with Walbros? Just curious as I for one am not a big Walbro fan. I'm OK with it either way. :)
Stock 330lbs. It needs to be all original stock components. I don't care if you port it or not. On the ss version you can run alky change carbs ect just don't stroke it.
I'm into open modified kart racing. This outlaw class will be of the same mindset just on a lower hp scale. When you've got all you can out of a little engine. It'll be time for the big guns.