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Found an older B&S flathead crank in excellent condition. It has a 3/16" (.187) wide key versus the newer cranks with 1/8" woodruff keys. Does anyone make a press fit crank gear with a 3/16" wide keyway or a 1/8" wide key that will fit that crank. I will be using this in a stock block flathead modified and do not want any play between the crankshaft and gear. Thanx in advance for any help.
Don't know about "press fit" but the Briggs timing gear will work if you pin punch the key in your crank to take up the play. The material around the key slot is real thin -- I believe that's why Briggs changed this part for the smaller keyslot and woodruff key design. Horstman used to have a timing gear for your application as well -- you might find one still available for the older cranks in someone's older inventory. I agree, though, that you better not have any play with your application in a limited or mod. engine.

I've got the old style Briggs gears in stock if you need - just give me a holler.

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Thanx, CarlsonMotorsports. We've got plenty of those style gears also and they're all loose. We've lost a few limited/mod motors due to loose stock crankgears and have been using pressfit crankgears without problems since.