Fiberglass body

Colt sr

Who makes the widest body now? A standard body is too narrow on my chassis which I think will cause a binding issue. I own a 2011 predator x11 chassis.

MaxxT Out

Why do you guys not like the m&m body’s in my opinion I think they a great and durable
I was a big fan of the M&M to, and still a good kart body. The tuff series body can take a lickin' .. But Ive since swayed toward the glass.. I actually raced a M&M body for 3 yrs. at our local track in a Stock Appearing class. But Ive switched to the fiberglass last yr and like the way body I chose mounts on my kart..


Years ago I always had good luck with Ultramax bodies (or knock offs (dowdy)), I ran infinitis and when using a seraph body the front tires stuck out… umax provided full coverage and no rub