Fiberglass vs. plastic bodies

Zach Jaynes

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Which do you guys prefer and why? I'm looking at the M&M Pro Series (hi gloss plastic) and a few different fiberglass bodies. Trying to make a decision. Let's hear it. Thanks!
I like fiberglass... Ran m&m and gman plastics in the past, they broke real easy especially in cold weather. Fiberglass can be fixed (self taught pro at repairs!). A little sanding and work you can do wonders, re-enforce where you need it. I fixed an ultramax body on my kart back In May (the one in my avitar picture), re did the whole area connecting the floorpan to the nose, finally started developing a hole the last week out, and I ran into a lot of stuff hard, body survived 4 seasons on dirt bullring and indoors. Also repaired a shadow nose that was 5 years old... Floorpan was in 3 pieces hanging on to the rest of the nose by threads just on one side, solid as a rock now, have before and after pics of all my projects If your interested in seeing them...

The one benefit of gman plastic is they are light, a few buddies I know that was 230#+ try them to skimp on weight, like I said they do not hold up though
My son runs a M&M Super Tuff body. It has lasted longer than any body we have had (all fiberglass). The body has saved us a lot of time and money.
If you all are going through noses & bodies real often, you might want to have a chat with your driver. ;)

Both bodies will break in the event of a hard crash. When the thin plastic takes a hit, it cracks. It can be repaired with a plastic welder. The heavier plastic bodies are definitely much tougher, but the finish is less than desirable in my opinion. Fiberglass is a bit more resistant to cracking, however, the gelcoat will often "spider". If it does crack, you can always patch it with a store bought fiberglass repair kit. One thing that we started doing is lining the inside of the fiberglass nose with Rhino lining. This helps especially when your driver tags that bit of all-thread holding the bumper on the car in front of him. That piece of all-thread will poke a quarter size hole right through a fiberglass nose in a heartbeat. With the Rhino lining on the inside, it never penetrates the lining and keeps the nose sealed up. If you get enough damage/holes poked, wrap a layer of cove board molding around the bottom of the nose. My 11 year old driver has used the same body through nearly 3 years of hard racing every weekend and he's made his share of mistakes from time to time.

Brian Carlson
Unfortunately when you are dealing with jr drivers you sometimes get a mix of skill levels. Our last fiberglass body got tore up under caution. The other jr driver must have mistaken the brake for the gas, lol. The piece of mind the M&M body has giving us is priceless.
Fiberglass all the way. There are fiberglass bodies that will out do a plastic. Plastic ones look like a Rubbermaid trash pail. I'm sure they hinder kart performance with not giving flex hence why you don't see a lot of the top guys with them on. Cold temps this time of year will make them break like an egg.
I'm on the fence but I'd really like to know....what's the weight difference in the plastic and fiberglass? Being a big boy racer I need every weight break I can get!
I really disliked my jr drivers fiberglass body. I belive it was a serph body. It cracked and spidered the first night out and just continued to get worse. . I guess after next year I will know what is better for us. I will be buying a M&M aero tuff for next season. But with 2 JR drivers I do expect them to get beat up we race a small bull ring track with usuall 8-10 karts so they have to take a beating.
I have ran fiberglass in the past an still do on occasion but if you race at at track where people like to race like every lap is the last lap then they get torn up pretty quick. They are a lot easier to repair then the plastic but you better like doing glass work. The m&m pro swoop is what we run now an we love it. The nose got ripped off one night racing took some pictures an emailed them to m&m an the sent a brand new nose for no charge. Great company to deal with too. But hey that's jmo
I ran a gman plastic back around 2000 for 3 years . That thing took a beating but held up fine. Swapped to glass and it lasted one season.
Quit in 04 ,started back this year with another gman broke nose first race zipped tied it back together finished the year with it but I'm swaping to glass for next season.
M M tuff awsome my boy was in a head on wreck broke his sterring column post off @ the frame . and didnt get hurt a fiberglass body would of crumbled
We like our M&M body. It took a lot of abuse in Green/Purple this year.

New graphics next year and it'll look brand new.
Graphics and paint do not like the majestic/m&m Rubbermaid style bodies another reason why I like glass, I'm a lettering guy though so I'm biased lol
I have a Majestic nose. Not saying it is the best, I think there are more stylish ones out there. The Majestic holds up, I have tested it well. I would like the ability to put graphics or paint on, but I am a function over style type of guy. Hope my opinion helps. Good luck.
Sons kart has a m&m, my kart has a mejestic the 3m primer from gkartgraphix works great on the plastic bodys
My only complaint is they both sag on top but a couple braces take care of that
They both are extremely tuff and durable
Majestic black is a flat black I've had several compliments on it