Final Words

Bob Evans

In conclusion I hope this book has helped you in some way to build yourself that “Killer Tiller” that you need to win a few races. It was written to share some of the basic principles and tricks of the trade in making these little motors race well and stay together. Just remember the following key things that make a Winning motor. These are presented in no special order as they ALL are important.

• Valve Timing
• Cylinder Seal
• Valve Seal
• Airflow and Fuel mix
• Attention to Detail on everything.

Again this book would not have been possible without the help of the individuals I mentioned in the opening dedication. I have found them all to be helpful to any one starting out in this great sport, so if you by chance meet one of these at a race thank him for his input and feel free to ask him something. Bet you learn what the latest trick is!!

Good luck, be safe, and have fun at the track..